Hocus Pocus – Finding the Witch Within you …

Witches across the  USA gathered together at midnight on Friday 24th February to cast a spell on President Donald Trump seeking to remove him from office. The witches have pledged to cast a spell under each crescent moon until Trump is no longer president. The next few crescent moons are said to take place March 26, April 24 and May 23, which is just as well because I shall be here in LA until the beginning of May and I am a bona fide witch initiated into the coven at the Goddess Festival in Glastonbury back in the summer of 2000.

trump-tower Glastonbury was incredibly  female-centred that Goddess Festival week.  The streets were awash with oestrogen and the general vibrations were raised, supportive, bright and cheerful. My friend Margaret and I were looking forward to a weekend of jollity and empowerment and our programme listed all sorts of exciting workshops. We dutifully followed the route to the ‘Find the Witch Within You’ workshop which was taking place in the centre of town. We walked up a steep rickety staircase and entered a small room filled with the hazy fog of incense sticks and the glow of red candles.  In the centre we could just make out a bunch of women sitting cross legged. The walls were draped in billowing pink velvet and each woman held something large, pink and shiny in their hands.

We’d got ourselves lost and wandered into the ‘Build Your Own Womb’ workshop by mistake!

Giggling hysterically we eventually found the correct venue, (ironically a church hall). We were welcomed by  a bunch of women who looked suspiciously like they resided in the Amytiville House and I noticed that all the mirrors were covered in white sheets. After spending the morning pretending to be either air or water sprites, jumping over broomsticks, waving daggers in the air and mumbling gobbledegook into the four corners of the room we were allowed to have a special ‘brew’ designed to open up our third eye and raise our witchy consciousness. It kind of tasted like warm rusty water with a hint of bleach and did  nothing to open up my third eye even if I could have found it. We spent the afternoon dithering around making spell bags, chucking handfuls of salt at each other and learning pretty phrases like, ‘Blessed be’ and ‘Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.’

sam-witchIt was a loving weekend. The women I met were kind and generous of spirit but I couldn’t get over the feeling that we were all just mucking about and having a jolly good time – even though there were some serious poker faces in that church hall and some determined invocations.

The greatest lesson I did learn however, was that whatever we invoke in our spells will come back threefold – so we must never wish anyone any direct harm:  a tall order when casting a binding spell against Mr Trump. It is for this particular reason that the Trump binding spell centres on wellbeing for all and universal peace. It is a spell for protection rather than a spell for malign action.

Good luck on March 26th, ladies, (and guys). I aim to be there in body to support you, if not in spirit. Any like minded witches can find the binding spell by googling, ‘Trump binding spell’. There are also plenty of Facebook groups out there if you would like support and information.


It’s a family affair … my mum and sister make great witches too!


Hocus Pocus – Finding the Witch Within you …

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