Not just any old bacon – It’s ‘Celebrity Bacon!’

Look what I found at our local hidden away supermarket yesterday.  Celebrity Bacon!  Not just any old bacon, but bona fide, balloon-popping, bell-ringing, flag-waving celebrity bacon. Hey, c’mon this is Hollywood. Whadja expect?


No flies on this bacon baby.  A cinch at $9.99 a pound, that’s about 8 quid at current exchange rates to us Brits. Cheap at half the price – and I wish it was half the price ‘cos this local supermarket is damn expensive.  True it may be the place to ‘celebrity spot’, being located in the posh end of town but it’s ridiculously expensive.  John and I never leave without spending between $200-300, and we only go in for a pint of milk!

Ooo just noticed, it’s imported celebrity bacon from Eastern Europe. Trump will either ban it or marry it …

I have no guilt about worshipping at the altar of Vicente Foods.  Although I’m quite happy with boring British Tesco or even Waitrose at a push, the aisles aren’t so pretty. Here you have every food product imaginable. I mean – just look at the sushi!


And everyone is so nice and helpful here.  Being British … with that whiff of mild embarrassment  that follows us everywhere… I feel like a spare part when the staff automatically and very efficiently pack your food away in those stiff, branded paper bags. I have to fight the urge to rip the produce from their hands and pack the bags myself. God forbid, you forget your own bag in Blighty and have to pay 10p for the honour of actually being able to take your produce from said conveyer belt to car.  Here in the good old US of A, you get a free bag.  Yippee, and it comes in super handy for lining the cat’s pee tray.



So, after fun in the hidden away supermarket John and I decided to have lunch together in a hidden away Mexican.


Imagine my surprise when after the Celebrity Bacon I was presented with Chicken and Chocolate Sauce. Apparently it’s quite a usual Mexican recipe called Chicken Mole but it rather surprised me.  I love chicken. I love chocolate.  But the two together –  not so sure.  Sort of like Marmite ice cream or fried bread and custard.

It was … btw … delicious.



Looking forward to many more epicurean adventures, because if there’s one thing LA does well – it’s food!


Not just any old bacon – It’s ‘Celebrity Bacon!’

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