… a cracking good time at the chiropractor

I cracked up big time at the chiropractor yesterday. I’ve been to one or two small practices  in the UK … they are usually situated in someone’s front room or in dainty lock up shops on the high street.  They are genteel affairs with the standard grubby, pink plaster cast of a spine with a broken tailbone gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the room. Here in LA, they are something else. Loud and proud, they stand like beacons of hope in gleaming skyscrapers  … their incumbent chiropractors ready and willing to ‘adjust’ your life considerably.


After sitting for far too long on aeroplanes and office chairs, John and I desperately needed a visit to Dr Arash Noor, our chiropractor in Santa Monica.  After being deliciously pummelled in matching massage chairs to a ‘swedish’, ‘shiatsu’, ‘chiro’ combo, we were jointly ushered into Dr Noor’s treatment room.  There we were laid out ceremoniously together on adjoining beds.  It felt a bit like couple’s therapy.

‘Nice cruise, we’re on,’ said John as Dr Noor fixed electrodes to our respective shoulders.  Two minutes later, I felt the most intense, hot, prickly sensation as the electricity jumped across my shoulder muscles.  The consequent hot flush was almost too much to bear.  When Dr Noor drove home the road drill on my back, I nearly jumped off the bed.

Now John’s a long, thin man of 6′, 6″ – lying on the treatment bed with his feet dangling over the edge, he looked like the most splendid  graphite pencil.  When Dr Noor lay across John’s leaden spine with his full body weight, I heard an almighty crack swiftly followed by an embarrassingly loud groan of pleasure.

chiro-2It was my turn … naturally, I was anxious. It’s a vulnerable feeling when someone has your neck in their hands, even if it is the lovely Dr Noor.  And yes, I cracked up gloriously as the air popped free.  The relief was profound as I felt the pressure on my neck reduce. I walked out of that treatment room feeling a stone lighter.



So … thank you Dr Noor for the crack. I’ll pop round again sometime.





… a cracking good time at the chiropractor

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