Giggle Knickers -the knickers that don’t leak even if you do!

I’m excited to see this kick starter venture by my friend Clare’s sister-in law, Anne Davidson so I’m ‘leaking’ the info …

Let’s face it, when us girls reach that ‘certain age’, some of us leak a little pee when we laugh, cough, dance, jump around or exert ourselves unexpectedly!  We don’t talk about it much, we’re pretty coy about it, some of us are ashamed about it. It’s often known by that pejorative term – the ‘oops moment’.  However and whatever we think about it, it’s important to keep it in perspective and remember that it’s a common part of ageing and of being a woman.  Just another pain in the backside to add to periods, hot flushes, hormonal weight gain and vaginal atrophy. Oh the glamour!

Giggle Knickers are high tech sustainable panties, double mercerised and dry and odour free.  They are washable and designed to prevent millions of disposable products going into landfill and polluting our oceans.

This venture reminds me of the time, my friend, Michelle and I owned a Public Relations company called Greenlight Relations.  One of our first clients was Milton Sterlizers.  They were marketing a new brand of incontinence pants called Milton Staydry and wanted us to help with the PR. Being diligent PR practitioners, Michelle and I decided that in order to get the most immersive experience from these incontinence pants, we would do a bit of ‘method PR’ and wear them for for 48 hours.  Needless to say, it was an uncomfortable experience.  Forty eight hours later the only marketing slogan we could come up with was ‘Don’t give a crap with Milton Staydry’!

Best of luck with this new venture Judith Balcazar and Anne Davidson … and thanks for taking the piss out of us!

Dry little joke there folks …






Giggle Knickers -the knickers that don’t leak even if you do!

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