Virgin Airlines – stop pimping your cabin crew!

Why is the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew uniform so goddamn tight? As I made by regular trip on Virgin Atlantic airlines back to LA yesterday, I was chatting to a female cabin crew member but the poor girl could hardly breathe!  Her bright red uniform was straining cross her chest, the buttons about to projectile pop at any moment. Her skirt was tight as a drum across her backside and the toes on her feet were all bobbling through the leather on her high red heels. Now this girl was young, lovely and probably a size 8 to 10, but she looked trussed up and ready to be basted in the oven.


The sleeves on her jacket were so tight she could hardly bend her arms to do her cross check. If I had to wear that uniform no way would it fit across my bum.  I’ve got a lot of junk in my trunk.  If passengers stick their feet out in the aisles I have to sashay sideways if I want to use the airplane loo.

So how, pray do the size 12/14 cabin crew cope with these ridiculous uniforms?  When my girl sat opposite me in the crew chair and strapped herself in, her skirt rode right up her thighs and I got an eyeful.

It irritates me tremendously that female cabin crew are made over to pander to the gaze of men.  Their skirts are so tight they even have to do the ‘bunny dip’ to pick things up off the floor of the aisle because it’s almost impossible to bend normally without ripping a bloody great rent in the back of their skirts.   Their uniforms are over-sexualised and just plain silly.


Even the Virgin ads centre on the female rear.  The cabin crew aren’t there for guys to ogle even though Richard Branson thinks it’s a great way to sell his airline service.  Not sure I’d want to be thought of as just a piece of ass. If I were marketing my airline I’d rather market it as high service and quality orientated.  Not good Richard … stop pimping out your female cabin crew. Time for a new uniform. I’m sure your crew would thank you for it.





Virgin Airlines – stop pimping your cabin crew!

5 thoughts on “Virgin Airlines – stop pimping your cabin crew!

  1. Scott B McAlister says:

    Great language… cool blog. I hope Mr Branson reads or hears of this blog, as I’m not entirely sure he would disagree, or I hope not, in the days of ‘The Manor Studio’s ( 20thcentury ) he seemed a cool , not chauvinistic sort of guy, with money and service in mind, emphasis on service. With a implausible Moon trip on his mind I doubt he’d worry about dress… But Kubrick could show the way ! Indo/Malay could be a color full and more comfy feminine look!! as an alternative. But then who am I but jus another male… I have a Pic’ of the Perfect uniform!!… REALLY 👄 ( how do you put one on ? Watch this space) Scottish the Callipers xxx


  2. Scott B McAlister says:

    Who’s Ivana’s fashion dress code stylists advisor? Donald ! I could read an ‘Agent provocature’ label on her g string thro’ her dress at his inauguration… phew tight no wonder she did’nt speak… hope you had a good trip. How was the movie? X😎


  3. Hilarious, but so true (not about your bottom). Love the vivid language in this post. The anger you project (like the little buttons which are just about to pop), mixed with the red of the uniform (red flags to be sure), makes an entertaining read! That poor trussed up air hostess, of course she needs a baggy kaftan and some sketchers! 😂 X

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