O00-er … My Mum’s a Reality TV Star!

My mum is gorgeous – bless her – and to my daughterly embarrassment – a reality TV star.  I am in turns both cringing and proud as punch.  Because my 83-year old mum has taken life by the proverbial horns late in life and ‘done it her way’.

I mean, just look at her, she’s cracking. She has always wanted to be on the stage and indeed certainly has a whiff of the ‘actress’ about her. For the past few years she’s starred in the Milford on Sea village pantomime and the Milford Mummers.  Fairies are her usual turn.


Mum with all her girls.

Complaining that her parts were getting smaller and that she was having difficulty in remembering her lines, she turned to reality TV.  Not everyone’s cup of tea, I admit, but my mum found her dramatic niche.

Last year she was in ‘Close to the Edge’ on BBC4, a programme which looked at the lives of older people in the Bournemouth area.  There she was flying down zip wires on Bournemouth pier and skimming along the waves on a jet ski.  Typecast as the one looking for love, she was hooked up with a chap called John, a comedian once famous for operating  Sweep – under the table with his hand up the puppet’s arse. Needless to say, bells did not ring and sparks did not fly.


My mum, Dee, with the cast of ‘Close to the Edge’, front row, 2nd from left.


Mum with her date, John, on ‘Close to the Edge’.

She also appeared in ‘First Dates’ on Channel 4.  That didn’t go so well either on the romance stakes, but full marks for trying Mum!

She’s just returned from 2 weeks in a closed house in Bristol where she’s been filming ‘The Great Divide’, to be shown later this spring on Chanel Five.  I have no idea what happened there or what she got up to because she’s banned from talking bout it until it airs. But knowing my mum, I expect she will be the centre of attention.

And yes… believe it or not, she does get recognised and once or twice has been asked for a selfie with an ardent admirer.  They also come knocking at her front door. Must insist she gets a door chain.

What do I think?  I think good on her for living her life.  It’s not what I would choose to do, but then my mum’s not the kind of girl who gives a hoot about what others think.  And I am damn proud of her for dancing to the beat of her own drum.

Love you mum.






O00-er … My Mum’s a Reality TV Star!

5 thoughts on “O00-er … My Mum’s a Reality TV Star!

  1. Scott B McAlister says:

    I met an old friend the other day, cut from the same jib as Dee’s old man ( your and Chessy’s Dad from forty years ago) and although he would qualify as an ageing toy boy would definitly put the T.V’s contribution as a date in the shade… an ageing music man with a great deal of verve, now working in B and Q ! The beard looks like Dells. LOL


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